Hi. I’m Thiago. I do stuff.

I used to design circuits and improve semiconductor manufacturing technologies.

I’ve also been a design-engineer at BeatBots in San Francisco, where I worked on interactive robotic toy design, programming and prototyping.

I’m currently a Researcher in Residence at FACT in Liverpool.

I’m also part of Astrovandalistas, an art+tech+activism collective based in Mexico City, whose work is primarily focused on coming up with interfaces for enhancing human-human interaction.

In 2012 I was the technical coordinator at Marginalia+Lab, the art and technology space for creation and research in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Besides working on my own projects, I also got to teach a programming class and help the resident artists with their projects.

I’ve also been involved with the art and technology residency program at the Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo, Brazil; and with Nuvem, the rural residency space in Resende, Brazil.